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May 19, 2017, at 10:51 AMOlivier

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Here is a small comparison of the various cloud/computing resources I am using at the moment

providermodelarch64/32memdisk typedisk sizecpubogo mipscoressysbench (cpu)ipnamecostcost/TB
Online.netDedibox SC gen2x86_64642GBSATA500 GBVIA Nano U 225031921116xxxxxxxx5,99E/mo HT11.98E HT
Online.netDedibox SC SATA 2016x86_64644GBSATA1024 GBIntel Atom C23503491224xxxxxxxx8,99E/mo HT8.99E HT
OVHVPS 2016 SSD 1x86_64642GBSSD10 GBIntel Xeon E312xx4788112xxxxxxxx2,99E/mo HTN/A
SoYouStart (OVH)ARM-2Tarmv7l322GBSATA2048 GBARM Cortex A9 (marvel)502205xxxxxxxx12E/mo HT6E HT

Additional comment:

  • I am mostly interested by SATA storage configs. I just tried the OVH VPS because it is cheap, but you can't really do much with only 10 gigs, even updating the OS ends up filling the disk...
  • At some point I also tried scaleway's VPS, but they don't let you install your own kernel and their kernel at the time I tried it did not support docker, so I canceled.
  • The last Dedibox SC 2016 seems a good deal, but for a very long time, they had a critical hardware issue with their fans, that would end up repeatedly freezing the system for several seconds. But now it seems to be fixed.
  • OVH KimSufi has very cheap entry configs, but it seems to be mostly a scam to force you buy bigger configs, the smallest configs are never available for purchase (they claim the last one was just sold, but I gave up checking, this is a waste of time)
  • The tiny ARM cpu from SyS works surprisingly well. I had to request a new kernel that works with docker. Once I found the good person (I identified their tech would had packaged the initial ubuntu kernel package to support the SATA bootstrap on ARM), the support was very efficient and provided a docker compliant kernel in just a few days. This 2 TB config is a bit expensive, I wish it was just 10E/mo. However thay have bigger disk config that seem real good for the price, for non cpu-demanding tasks.

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